The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Do you have some time?

Not too long ago I was reading a question that said something like this: If you don’t have the time to make it right the first time, how come you have the time to make it twice?

It’s clear that we want to make it right the first time too. But it often doesn’t happen.

With a lot of things to do, people feel pressure to be fast. The idea to hurry up ends up to be driving people into speed. Until it becomes an idea of not having the time to do something as it would feel appropriate. Which means that it is also a way to fight against procrastination and perfection.

There always is an ambiguity between the different solutions. No one knows when something is exactly perfect. No one knows how long ideas need to sink and percolate until they become actionable. It’s always a good guess.

With communication things are different. If one of the persons has the sense of not having been understood or heard, he knows. If one of the persons moves through his ideas without seeking verification that he’s been understood, he knows. Both parties have a chance to enhance communication and find ways to create understanding. Not doing it is throwing away the time spent while talking or listening. Both didn’t take the time to establish communication.


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