The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Focused on the destination

In a recent conversation, James described his business. It was working well, but he wasn’t

Consistency is key

And yet, consistency is also a myth. I strive to write a post every day,

Breaking patterns

Jane and I had been talking about her leadership. She had been focused on achieving

Immediate solutions desired

Sometimes people find themselves stuck in a situation without any view on how to solve

Rational emotional

One of the most common approaches is to seek to solve the problem that is

Waiting for the future

It’s important to address issues in a team dynamic, with available resources, due to a

Too smooth and painless

“It always takes me back to the days when life was different and unpredictable” –

It’s your perception

Marc was listening attentively. We had been discussing the drama triangle and were talking about

They are so good

When learning a new skill, people usually are aware of a learning curve. Something a

He won

If you are a fan of a sportsman who won, his victory might almost feel

Every day

It will never be enough. No quest to achieve happiness through doing can reach its