The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Category: Performance

Connecting with intuition

When confronted with hard decisions, it can be easy to try to avoid making that

Knowing how

There are an astonishing number of things people learn through observation. When entering a new

Investigating errors

When performing a task, it seems normal to aim at achieving a specific result. However,


For some the idea of grieving can feel like an impossible task, or said differently,

What they know

An easy way to make sure that a task has been understood is to have

Achieving breakthrough

“Achieving breakthroughs is one thing, sustaining them is quite another.” – Fred Shoemaker It seems

How to measure well-being

The easy answer is that it can’t be measured and that as an organization one

A realistic vision

Maybe it’s worth it to decide for oneself that a vision can never be realistic.

a challenge in the moment - golf

The dynamic of life

One of the easiest exercises is to scan the web for methods or explanations of

Emotions as a lens

When thinking about emotions, people will often focus on those emotions that had a high

Enabling Leadership

There will be as many leadership skills needed as there are leadership situations. It is