The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Category: Performance

Rational or Reasonable

Some leaders favor an approach to business decision-making that is based on focusing on being

Strategy and Plan

In a way, there is no difference between a plan and a strategy. And yet

Seeing progress

The only way to determine progress is to remember where one started. What abilities were

Pessimistic blinders

A simple way to deploy a pessimistic blinder is to react to ideas by starting

Progress and satisfaction

When teams work together to determine their next steps, they will find often themselves confronted

Exam or title

This weekend I attended a meeting of Transactional Analysts in Lille. More than 300 of


The nice thing about acronyms is that they can mean so many things. Most often,

Getting to excellence

Excellence is different from perfection. It doesn’t mean flawless either, or without error. Everyone will

Sharing instructions

Recently, at a party, a friend organized us into groups and asked us to do