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The whole & its parts

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The art of not reading

Arthur Schopenhauer meditated on reading books and highlighted the “art of not reading” as an

Paying attention

Whatever happens, people pay attention to something. Attention is there. The real question is, what

The learning

Existing learning is incredibly powerful. It stays with people and becomes the lens through which

A stimulated mind

The amount of information reaching us every day is overwhelming. It isn’t simply the information

Implicit hierarchy

Teams often have a star. That person can have one or a multitude of attributes

Free to think

Where do ideas come from? How do we learn? There are numerous concepts around explaining

Using denial wisely

Nature developed some fantastic mechanisms to ease our survival. They help us be focused on

Data missing

It is quite natural for people to compare themselves with others. The way they choose

Little attention

In the last months, I joined an initiative seeking to develop an alumni network. As