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The whole & its parts

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Too smooth and painless

“It always takes me back to the days when life was different and unpredictable” –

Seeking pleasure

A move toward the pleasant is natural. What is rarely clearly defined is what pleasure

Learning from mistakes

This weekend I practiced a bit. My idea was to get a better view of

Sharing advice

There are many reasons why people will share advice. The reason they indicate, and whatever

From pleasure to pain

Taking the simple route, it seems easy to want pleasure and leave pain aside. But

Intention or expectations

At a recent event, I had two interesting and contrasting conversations. It’s interesting to note,

Conflicting roles

Startups and small organizations often invite people to have multiple roles. Sometimes they may even


Making one step after the other to achieve goals is a useful approach, but it

Asking for help

A skill worthwhile learning is the one to ask for help. And it’s less evident

Serving the team

Sometimes leaders search for ways to be close to their teams and do so to

Questions create attention

Whatever questions you’ll be asking, they will create attention. You won’t have all the power