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The whole & its parts

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The locus of attention

It is not possible to constantly pay attention to everything when working on a task.

The repetition learning curve

An important part of the execution is the preparation. It’s gathering the information available; it’s

Sharing the stage

When doing a presentation one can stick to one’s habits with the desire to be

People are good

In transactional analysis, we use the notion of an ok-ok relationship. The idea is to

Risk or Recognition

Most people like feeling useful. And when they are, they appreciate being seen as such.

On the shoulders of giants

People trust best practices, the learning they did years ago, common wisdom, their own experience,

Surprising conversations

Whenever someone makes a presentation, the speaker will search for ways to gain the audience’s

Mishaps and successes

When something bad happens it is natural for us to worry about consequences, ask ourselves

Too easy, too difficult

Some thoughts emerged and it’s an interesting thread to follow up on. There it is.

The art of not reading

Arthur Schopenhauer meditated on reading books and highlighted the “art of not reading” as an

Paying attention

Whatever happens, people pay attention to something. Attention is there. The real question is, what

The learning

Existing learning is incredibly powerful. It stays with people and becomes the lens through which