The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Thinking and acting

Frederick W. Taylor worked hard to understand the processes he was seeking to make more

Knowing how

There are an astonishing number of things people learn through observation. When entering a new

A sense of being attached

People’s relationship with results usually is a form of attachment. For some, reaching the result


It is much easier to be judgmental than to seek to understand. To then expect

The contact dance

As much as people may appreciate connecting with others, they also like others to stay

It’s ok

Quite often, people seek to build trust by trying to reassure their audience. They’ll step

Aligning differences

An automatic reaction to differences in a team often is the desire to align them

Achieving breakthrough

“Achieving breakthroughs is one thing, sustaining them is quite another.” – Fred Shoemaker It seems

Choosing why

It works all the time. When doing something, you are choosing why you are doing

Transforming learning

Golf is one of those sports that highlight how learning to play requires a combination

Mundane tasks

In his 2014 commencement speech Navy SEAL commander Admiral William H. McRaven shared 10 lessons