The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Coaching and teaching

Independently from one’s definition of coaching, an interesting question relates to the presence of teaching

Dreaming or wanting

The ability to dream of something is a truly wonderful capacity humans have. Imagination serves

The locus of attention

It is not possible to constantly pay attention to everything when working on a task.

Meaning changes

It can be a joyful experience and it can be a frustrating one. And it’s

Disciplined learning

Change happens by itself. Implementing change is different. It requires knowing what change one seeks

Be good

It’s an interesting aspect of our self-development culture. It seems to establish a focus on

The repetition learning curve

An important part of the execution is the preparation. It’s gathering the information available; it’s

Developing a strategy

One of the things that takes time to learn when one learns to play golf

On aging

As a child sport was somehow limited to playing, some swimming, and maybe one or

Getting it backward

Aiming for the outcome tends to leave the path leading there out of the picture.

The presence of change

There is a huge amount of change nobody is paying attention to. We are way

The essence of intention

In the past, I’ve heard people look down on intentions. But looking back, I think