The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Subjective goals

Leading others means developing a view of the tasks the team is performing that has

Planning ahead

Working toward a dream can take a lifetime. And sometimes it’s only in retrospect that

Sharing advice

There are many reasons why people will share advice. The reason they indicate, and whatever

Questions or answers?

I once was responsible for the operations of an IT system that had a quite

Finding your way

Learning a method is applying what someone else developed. Developing your way on the other

Conflicting roles

Startups and small organizations often invite people to have multiple roles. Sometimes they may even

Testing boundaries

While visiting some friends I was observing the way the children interacted with their parents.

a stranded boat


An important reminder about beginnings is, that it is a beginning. It isn’t the end.

a path in the woods at wintertime

Forget your goal

Something I observed in an organization I once was a member of, was how the

mist and light making their appearance

Connecting ambition and team

Metaphors are a great way to simplify ideas without losing any of the complexity. Gabe