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The whole & its parts

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Investigating errors

When performing a task, it seems normal to aim at achieving a specific result. However,

A desire for consistency

A participant was trying to be supportive of the person presenting. However, he wanted to

Feelings as magnets

Suzy couldn’t believe how often she had come back to the same request. She had

Living life

Living life is what happens in the rare moments in which one is present to

Shared language

Once in a while, I’m using a word and think that I’d prefer to use

Asking what they want

It seems an easy question. What do you want? But it rarely is. And that

On listening

Much has been said about active listening and about the need to refrain from preparing


One of the descriptions I find most confusing is, when people use the word amazing

Questions create attention

Whatever questions you’ll be asking, they will create attention. You won’t have all the power

What needs to be known

Asking such a question is taking up the role of leader. The question seeks to

Leaning into reciprocity

In a casual conversation, it will often be easy to accept that there has been

The people we like

With many people we’ve been able to observe the simple logic, that the more conversations