The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

The past and the future

When discussing the idea of being present to the here and now there is the idea that it could exclude the past or the future.

It doesn’t.

There is every reason to be present to the past or the future as they pop up in the here and now. The past is everything that contributed to the present moment. The future is everything that is to come.

The ability to be present to memories allows us, for example, to address the learning from the past without losing ourselves in judgment of what has been done well or not. And being present to our vision assists in doing what is necessary or useful now as a contribution to that future without losing oneself in fantasies or worries.

There is no problem in not being present in the here and now and for example finding oneself in some kind of reverie about the past or the future.

What’s less effective, however, are these moments during which one finds oneself dealing with an image or an idea of what the past should have been or what the future should be. While it might feel like an important thing to do, it also is time spent in the future or the past.

Spending time in the past or the future is a choice, one that means to not being present to the here and now, that is the moment in which life happens.

It is improbable that anyone can constantly be in the here and now. And I don’t think that it’s an objective. But finding ways to be in the here and now and to multiply these moments is a worthwhile and challenging experience.



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