The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Category: Power

Seeking to fix

It might be the Western philosophy. It might be the origin of self-development. And it

Showing up

Is the ability to find the energy to show up and do so in a

Looking good

It may seem to be the same thing, but it isn’t. Delivering something that one

Reading summaries

Years ago, I read Mortimer J. Adler’s book “How to Read a book” and continue

Choosing why

It works all the time. When doing something, you are choosing why you are doing


Influence depends on the person who is influencing and the person who is influenced. One

Questions without answers

When people ask questions there are quite a few reactions possible. When the question is

Mundane tasks

In his 2014 commencement speech Navy SEAL commander Admiral William H. McRaven shared 10 lessons

Building confidence

Some people seek to build confidence through knowledge and skills. They identify with their competence

Immediate solutions desired

Sometimes people find themselves stuck in a situation without any view on how to solve