The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Category: Power

Why people make jokes

Not too long ago I participated in a general assembly. While the event wasn’t very

Survival of the fittest

Diving into the way humans function there is an extraordinarily complex and beautiful system to

Vision without control

The number of times I’ve heard that an organization wants to raise its visibility is

Dealing with Bureaucracy

In many non-profit and volunteer organizations people complain about the existing bureaucracy. They see it

The power of ideas

There are at least four ideas that shape today’s business world because of of the

Developing a strength

To this day I remember when I, as a kid, wanted to tighten a nut

Being of service

At the beginning of the last century, several well-known retailers coined sentences like “the customer

Leadership risks

The work leaders do has many facets and requires different types of skills. Organizations can

What got you here

In an article entitled “Real Work” Abraham Zaleznik describes how in the 1930s “researchers, academics,

Seeing beyond

It seems easy to see one’s objectives, but people have marvelous ways to hide them

Reaching consensus

It was one of these teams leading an association that saw their engagement as a