The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Subjective goals

Leading others means developing a view of the tasks the team is performing that has

Staying in shape

People put a lot of energy into staying in shape. It’s easy to find suggestions


Peter F. Drucker once described manners as the lubricating oil of an organization. He completed

From pleasure to pain

Taking the simple route, it seems easy to want pleasure and leave pain aside. But

Embracing uncertainty

It’s easy to suggest embracing uncertainty. But what does it mean? A way to look

Paying the price

There is the price that is indicated on the label. It’s a price that has


Making one step after the other to achieve goals is a useful approach, but it

a stranded boat


An important reminder about beginnings is, that it is a beginning. It isn’t the end.

Statue of an Indian looking toward city hall in Philadelphia

What we wanted

The past is a source of strength as much as one of frustration. How leaders

Good, better, how

It’s a simple idea. Notice what you are doing well and what could be better