The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Desiring a solution

Sometimes people believe they know the solution and assume that asking for it solves their

Remembering the past

One can remember all the things that didn’t work. Or one can remember how one

Perfecting language

Communication is a skill many want to excel at. The implicit hope is that their

Establishing expectations

Many people find themselves building their success on the expectations others seem to have. Expectations

Doing nothing

If one thinks about it, doing nothing isn’t possible. Human beings constantly do something. And

The power of ideas

There are at least four ideas that shape today’s business world because of of the

Being of service

At the beginning of the last century, several well-known retailers coined sentences like “the customer

It’s them

Joe is a senior executive; he has been in and out of many companies. Exchanging

Investing time

One of the remarkable aspects of golf is the distribution of activities. The better someone

Take the time it needs

Among the many things Einstein is supposed to have said and which he probably never