The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Investigating errors

When performing a task, it seems normal to aim at achieving a specific result. However,

Seeking to fix

It might be the Western philosophy. It might be the origin of self-development. And it

Intent and impact

The ultimate objective of our communication is that its intent and its impact can be

Giving or wanting

As an individual, it is easy to concentrate on what it is that one wants.

Showing up

Is the ability to find the energy to show up and do so in a

Looking good

It may seem to be the same thing, but it isn’t. Delivering something that one

Transforming learning

Golf is one of those sports that highlight how learning to play requires a combination


Influence depends on the person who is influencing and the person who is influenced. One

Choosing the competition

For years Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal found themselves playing each other on tennis courts.

Because it is there

Asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, the British explorer George Mallory is said

Emotions as a lens

When thinking about emotions, people will often focus on those emotions that had a high

Building confidence

Some people seek to build confidence through knowledge and skills. They identify with their competence