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The whole & its parts

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How it should be

When leaders focus on how something should be they are looking at a version of

Using data for awareness

It sounds simple, and yet, it is quite complicated. To use data, one needs data.

Getting it backward

Aiming for the outcome tends to leave the path leading there out of the picture.

Building a castle

Kings build castles, dictators build palaces, and bishops have cathedrals. It’s a metaphor. To display

On Lies, Truth, and Bullshit

It’s an interesting idea. Lies cannot exist without the truth. The person telling a lie

I’m not creative

Clients sometimes come up with an idea of what they are not. For some, when

Golf is life

It’s true for many of the activities people take up and can be present to.

Buying into the decision?

When a leader decides something, he will always be confronted with the possibility that others