The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Dealing with frustrations

When people know one another well, they become aware of behaviors the other has that

When things work out well

People will react differently when things work out well. Some will see it as their

A perception of psychology

When people talk about psychology in economics, finance, and pretty much any area related to

A view on freedom

I sometimes hear clients talk about freedom. Most of them describe it as the ability

Little clarity

When a team feels at ease with one another and with their task, everyone in

Living in the moment

In his newsletter, Ryan Holiday shared that in “Stillness is the Key” the most highlighted

Pessimistic blinders

A simple way to deploy a pessimistic blinder is to react to ideas by starting

Finding the leader

When teams work together, they search for ways to understand if they are on track.

Driving or being driven

Leaders deal with change. They observe change as it is happening, and they decide on

The leader you look for

While reading about Bobby Knight’s leadership as a basketball coach I reflected on what leaders