The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Planning ahead

Working toward a dream can take a lifetime. And sometimes it’s only in retrospect that

The discipline to relax

It’s one of these strange paradoxes. Performance requires the ability to relax. At the same

Dynamics of conformity

In a not-so-distant past, it was widely understood that leadership meant that followers would seek

Paying the price

There is the price that is indicated on the label. It’s a price that has

Choice as an objective

Jane wanted to involve her team and was searching for the best ways to do

Can you change it?

It’s a simple question: “can you change it?” Simple doesn’t mean easy. The starting point

Ancient advertisement that has been invalidated since

The choices made

Individuals make choices depending on their desires, feelings, values, or principles. In a team, things

Statue of an Indian looking toward city hall in Philadelphia

What we wanted

The past is a source of strength as much as one of frustration. How leaders

Where we are in life

For many people, there is a consistent difference between where they want to be and

Asking for help

A skill worthwhile learning is the one to ask for help. And it’s less evident