The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Seeking to fix

It might be the Western philosophy. It might be the origin of self-development. And it

Learning as a social process

Whenever people come together there is the possibility to learn from one another. Quite often

How to measure well-being

The easy answer is that it can’t be measured and that as an organization one

Noticing small differences

Writing emails is something I’ve become accustomed to. But the way I write emails is

Regulating innovations

Over the years, Sundar Pichai has often called for regulations on the products Google and

A focus on needs

Once there was Napster. It served music lovers at a time when the music industry

Diving into complexity

In the past, I’ve often explained complexity with an image a friend had shared with

The roles people play

In a team, people will quickly see themselves as becoming scapegoats or perceive others as

Trial and error

A perfectionist mind will read “trial and error” as the need to reach the perfect

Having an opinion

Almost all the automatisms people use can be brought back to the necessity to survive.