The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Seeking the truth

There are multiple ways to seek to know the truth.

It’s pretty rare to get it.

Truth is a strange concept and yet one we elevate.

To most people, there is high value in honesty. While they associate truth to honesty, it doesn’t become truth for them until they believe it. Can it be true if some don’t believe in it?

Science has led some people to search for “the truth”. That truth is something like the one and only answer to a question they ask. In school, it would be called the right answer. People transformed that idea into believing that there is one solution or one best way to handle the task at hand.

That is how they then approach their next project. As long as truth has not been found, uncertainty will seem to make that project dangerous.

We’ve found our way from seeking truth to its actual meaning: seeking control.


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