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The whole & its parts

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When meaning was interesting

Listening to a podcast, I heard Fred Shoemaker describe a scene with Timothy Gallwey. Shoemaker

Desiring a solution

Sometimes people believe they know the solution and assume that asking for it solves their

Building confidence

Some people seek to build confidence through knowledge and skills. They identify with their competence

Assuming knowing

There is a growing understanding, that leaders cannot know everything. A bit more difficult is

Winging it

There are many ways to describe how people walk through life and show up. That

This is not to criticize

Yesterday I was having lunch with a friend. Our conversation wandered through the different subjects

Mutual esteem

In a conversation with a mentee of mine, we talked about the idea of respectful

An uncomfortable feeling

Empathy can be a very uncomfortable experience. Appreciating someone, understanding where someone stands or knowing

The most complicated question

Reading Casey’s post “Giving yourself some credit” I was reminded of the way people tend

The fullness of things

In the last “The Pause” Krista Tippett shared an excerpt of her conversation with the

The problem mindset

Imagine asking the craftsman to come back and redo some of the work he did.

A variety of teams

The team had received a message inviting them to a weekly training session as a