The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Satisfaction and its opposite

According to the MacMillan dictionary the prefix “dis” is “used with some nouns, verbs, and

Data missing

It is quite natural for people to compare themselves with others. The way they choose

Endless meetings

Meetings are an interesting place to discover how leaders understand their leadership. As a member

Transforming learning

Golf is one of those sports that highlight how learning to play requires a combination

Because it is there

Asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, the British explorer George Mallory is said

A focus on needs

Once there was Napster. It served music lovers at a time when the music industry

Diving into complexity

In the past, I’ve often explained complexity with an image a friend had shared with

Trial and error

A perfectionist mind will read “trial and error” as the need to reach the perfect

The benefit of references

A reference is something people know and will refer to whenever they learn something new.

Striving for clarity

It’s probably a never-ending quest: the desire to understand and gain clarity. There is too