The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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A perception of psychology

When people talk about psychology in economics, finance, and pretty much any area related to

Living in the moment

In his newsletter, Ryan Holiday shared that in “Stillness is the Key” the most highlighted

Other people’s dreams

When I look through my social media feed, I’ll find an overwhelming number of ideas

What’s the question?

Working with a team, our job was to do our best to come to a

Driving or being driven

Leaders deal with change. They observe change as it is happening, and they decide on

Know what your job is

Recently a friend shared “Bryan Cranston’s Advice to Aspiring Actors” with me. The advice Cranston

Seeking clarity

It is questionable if clarity can be achieved alone. It depends on what clarity must

Form and Force

When seeking to change an organization, one needs to start observing where it is now.

Delivering solutions

One of the most confusing aspects of social media is the promotion of solutions without

Using models

The usefulness of a model is determined by its limits. At the same time, it