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The whole & its parts

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What’s the question?

Working with a team, our job was to do our best to come to a

Questions or answers?

I once was responsible for the operations of an IT system that had a quite

Asking why

When people ask a why question, they are reacting to change. When they do, they

Clear communication

Clear communication is a rare occurrence. There are too many variables influencing our communication for

Come with questions

During the last few years, I’ve regularly led reflection groups. The idea was to invite

Fairness is accountability

It’s both ways. Fairness is allowing oneself to be accountable to the other and expecting

Admitting an error

As so often, he was quick in admitting an error. I asked him to pause

Asking the right questions

People with a long experience in leadership often find themselves in a position in which

Waiting for information

Tim was describing how dreadful the experience of last weeks had been for him. He