The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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When people demand

Sometimes people can’t distinguish between a demand and something that is desired. As perception is

Remembering the past

One can remember all the things that didn’t work. Or one can remember how one

Dealing with Bureaucracy

In many non-profit and volunteer organizations people complain about the existing bureaucracy. They see it

It’s them

Joe is a senior executive; he has been in and out of many companies. Exchanging

Building stable confidence

The desire to build confidence often relates to an outcome of how people want to

It’s psychology

The word psychology has found its entrance in nearly every domain. And it is used

Seeking to improve

Action research might sound like something impressive and beyond our day-to-day interventions. That may be

Intent and impact

The ultimate objective of our communication is that its intent and its impact can be

Paying the price

There is the price that is indicated on the label. It’s a price that has

Awareness of power

A person who feels in power will not necessarily be self-confident. A self-confident person will

Leadership thinking

Everything people do is based on a decision. Not all of them are conscious. Decisions