The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Comparing and measuring

Change is always with us. Today is different from yesterday.

The change I prefer is the one for which I can see how my intention has shaped that transformation. Not astonishingly, the one I like least is the one I’ve shaped by letting it happen.

Then there is the change I tried to achieve, situations I tried to impact, all without success.

Looking at these situations I’m realizing how I’ve been measuring things based on the given situation. I was assuming that the culture I was seeing was how things should be. It lead to comparing myself with people who weren’t a fit.

I kind of knew that it was all wrong for me, but I didn’t know of alternatives to the culture I was seeing. I could only sense that it didn’t fit my ideas. In such a situation the ones being most visible also seemed to be the successful ones. Seeing them as more successful than myself added to the impression of failing.

Fast forward. The more involved I became in marketing and strategy development, the more I could see how it shaped my ability to define and accept my own way in these fields. It’s been an interesting realization to see how far-reaching these concepts have been for me.

They have transformed my assessment of success. Consequently, I’ve been measuring it allowing myself to integrate my values into my evaluation of performance. In doing so, leaving quite a few of those measurements based on cultural status symbols aside. In an organic manner role models transformed themselves too. Those models I could learn from started appearing. I only needed to look for those implementing ideas and values I prioritized to shift my position.

Positioning requires intention.

Positioning isn’t possible without leaning into it and learning from it.

It’s worth noting how liberating positioning is.


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