The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

You can create it

There is this task you’ve done so many times. You’ve trained yourself to do it well.

May it be this recipe you’ve cooked so many times, the pass in a basketball game or your golf swing.

As you know how it is to be done it is easy to refer yourself to your experience when you do it once again.

That’s when a subtle difference is becoming available.

You can repeat it the way you’ve done it before. Your aim becomes to make it better or as well as the one time you’ve so excelled at it. You do it by comparing yourself with your previous performance.

The other alternative is to create it.

In this case, you perform the task as it actually happens, for the first time. You trust your experience and capacity to perform such tasks, but you let yourself adapt it to the present moment.

The present moment never repeats itself. It’s the same for actions. While you’ll always recognize them, they never are the same.

How much more of the action becomes available to you if you do it for the first time?


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