The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Social virtue

According to Protagoras, it was Zeus who decided to distribute justice and shame among human

This is how to …

Fill in the dots. The amount of advice shared on how to do things is

Helping one another

One of the ways to look at diversity is to see it as a gift

Success and happiness

Often the idea is that success will lead to happiness. My experience tells a different

Anger and Hurt

Understanding emotions and our reactions to them can take a long time. A reason for

Working on strategy

Attending an event with many young leaders I was invited to facilitate a strategy workshop.

Coaching and teaching

Independently from one’s definition of coaching, an interesting question relates to the presence of teaching

Dreaming or wanting

The ability to dream of something is a truly wonderful capacity humans have. Imagination serves

Meaning changes

It can be a joyful experience and it can be a frustrating one. And it’s

Be good

It’s an interesting aspect of our self-development culture. It seems to establish a focus on

The discomfort of wanting

It takes some effort to remember that things can change in an instant. It may

Overdoing meaning

There was a time when commencement speeches were widely spread over the internet and had