The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Seeking Change

When leading others, it’s probable that you’ll encounter situations in which the other person doesn’t act as expected.

It’s a moment of truth, how do you react to it?

Is it the moment you’ll decide that the other has to change?

People love to help others.

You may be seeing that they need to change. But will they agree with you?

It’s a situation in which help often is misunderstood. Believing to know what is best for someone else and acting on it is doing something for others. It’s seeking to change others without their consent. It often is linked to the wish to control the situation or the results the team is to create.

Helping others is different. It means to have that other person’s willingness to be helped.

It’s easy to check and often welcome.

And when there is no willingness, then there is a reason for it. It doesn’t need to be linked to you. But it’s useful information for you as it’s an invitation to wait for a better moment to help and seek change.

When the idea is to change as a person trust is needed.


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