The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Having impact

It’s impossible to change something that has happened. But it is possible to see what happened in a different light and understand it differently.

You can’t define the future, it still has to happen to know what happened. But you can plan and prepare in order to create the impact you want to make.

The here and now is the only moment in time allowing you to act and create impact. What you do is a matter of choice. It’s an unlimited choice, it can be listening, doing nothing, speaking, reinterpreting the past, developing plans for the future and more.

Whatever you choose to do, it has impact. You can’t know which one, nor if it will be the one you intended. But impact, there is.

But it will only be the action you are executing. Nothing else.

Modifying what you do can only happen after the moment you realized the gap between impact and desired impact.

It’s what you constantly do.

You observe. You plan. You do. You reflect.

Once the cycle is complete, you start anew.

You can do it at a larger scale with clearly visible steps. And you can observe how this cycle also happens in the here and now, during your interactions with others. We are so trained at it, that it has become a habit.



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