The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Perfecting language

Communication is a skill many want to excel at. The implicit hope is that their


There is a lot of value in introspection. It allows us, for example, to reflect

Doing nothing

If one thinks about it, doing nothing isn’t possible. Human beings constantly do something. And

Awareness and thinking

Thinking and awareness are different “things.” What thinking allows us to do is create or

We are all about

Yet again I read a statement of an organization sharing that they “are all about

Opening conversations

When people have not seen one another for a long while they might experience the

The little extra effort

One of the things I regularly do to work on my coaching practice is to


Max Weber, a renowned German sociologist, popularized the term “bureaucratic” to describe a specific type

On the team’s mind

Seneca once said: “Happy is the man who can make others better, not merely when

Four forms of standardization

One way to look at standardization is to perceive it as setting rules, controlling results,