The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Peter F. Drucker once described manners as the lubricating oil of an organization. He completed

mist and light making their appearance

Connecting ambition and team

Metaphors are a great way to simplify ideas without losing any of the complexity. Gabe

Influencing others

During a conversation with one of my clients, I learned that he doesn’t want to

Questions create attention

Whatever questions you’ll be asking, they will create attention. You won’t have all the power

Surfing the discussion

Lutz was describing his last team meeting. Everyone applauded how constructive the meeting had been.

I deserve it

As true as it might be, receiving what we deserve still depends on others being

The people we like

With many people we’ve been able to observe the simple logic, that the more conversations

Becoming better

It is quite easy to become better at what we do. It requires the desire

Thoughts and emotions matter

When things matter, they are given importance. A simplistic way to give importance to things

Doing the work

When asking participants what their expectations are for the time spent together in a training,