The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Opening conversations

When people have not seen one another for a long while they might experience the

The little extra effort

One of the things I regularly do to work on my coaching practice is to


Max Weber, a renowned German sociologist, popularized the term “bureaucratic” to describe a specific type

On the team’s mind

Seneca once said: “Happy is the man who can make others better, not merely when

Four forms of standardization

One way to look at standardization is to perceive it as setting rules, controlling results,

Paying attention

Whatever happens, people pay attention to something. Attention is there. The real question is, what

Being positive

When cooperating with others, people seek to be perceived as positive. It is nowadays something

When we change

Of the many ways to look at change, many focus on changing the other. It’s

When competition helps

Watching a few kids play, we all suddenly noticed how two of them had entered

Giving freely

A management style I’ve seen a lot of leaders take up is one they’ll describe