The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Control and engagement

As a newly established leader, Julien was searching for ways to make sure his team would do everything possible to achieve their results.

He was becoming attached to the results.

Over the years he had been asked to live up to the goals he set himself and now he was searching for ways to make sure his team would achieve them. He was applying the concept he had been using for himself onto his team, thus scaling controlling himself to controlling a team.

Focusing on the long term goal often leads to creating a process that is there to guarantee results. One in which achieving goals becomes an obligation. With a necessity to achieve results an often found consequence is the quest to control “things”.

Some transform this quest into strict rules and thoroughly defined processes. Others transform the quest into doing silo work by protecting their team from the influence of others.

The risk of this approach is that leaves only little space for engagement.



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