The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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On transactions

The idea that something is transactional is not always appreciated, but it can be considered

Intention and attention

Transactional analysis uses the idea of ego states to describe a coherent system of emotions,

Focusing on words

Words live in a context. The context is larger than we can grasp. There is

Appropriate responsibility

Charles was trying to make sure that everything would go well. He wanted nothing more

Labels and identity

The Process Communication Model is one out of many personality type models. It is one

Give and take

Jim was struggling. On an impulse, he had shared a quote as a response to

Not getting things done

When using our energy, there are two ways with which people seek to achieve something

Seeking to be polite

Every culture establishes rules assisting its members in navigating its hierarchy. The members learn these

Communication and relationship

Building on the idea that a transaction provides a basic description of the relationship between

Communication? Relationship!

The team was addressing their problems with another team. To solve the problem, Rick announced