The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

The magic of positioning

Positioning is the act of knowing one’s position and making it visible.

It’s through positioning that we say what we stand for. It’s reducing a long description of who we are and what we do the few details which can be recognized in a glimpse. It’s daring to be only the right one for some people. It’s telling others that we might not be the right one for them.

Making this choice means to pick oneself. It’s a challenging choice for people who like to give. One of the reasons people like to give is the hope to be picked. For them, picking themselves can feel like giving up the hope to be picked. It’s not, even if it feels like that.

Picking oneself is a signal to others. It’s the signal that they too can choose us. If we trust ourselves, so can they.

Positioning oneself tells others where they can find us. It’s sharing where we stand.

Knowing one’s position doesn’t prevent us from exploring other spaces, it serves as an anchor helping us to know when we went off-road and where we can go back to.

It’s that clarity about oneself that makes us visible, not the Facebook ads.


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