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The whole & its parts

Why don’t they buy from you?

There are many reasons people may not decide to buy from you.

The easy explanations are all located with the customer. Either they don’t know us or they want something at a different price or don’t like us.

They are easy explanations. They help us see the problem elsewhere. They don’t require us to take a different point of view than ours when looking at our service or how we are providing it.

People might still be filled with self-doubts and questions asking themselves how to do it right. But that’s usually a monologue. It’s useful when deciding what your service will be.

The situation is different, once the service exists and customers start to see it.

That’s the moment where the question changes. It now is “why don’t they choose you?”

But for that question to work well, it needs to be based on the assumption that the service you created is one that is needed and wanted by the market.

Once you look at it from there, it becomes possible to connect with the customer and his needs. That’s how you can see the obstacles to buying from you. The obstacles tell you if you want and can create the space to provide your service.

The point isn’t to find arguments to persuade. It’s about figuring out if there is a match between your service and what the customer is looking for. That’s when delivering a service becomes most effective.

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