The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Data missing

It is quite natural for people to compare themselves with others. The way they choose

Giving freely

A management style I’ve seen a lot of leaders take up is one they’ll describe

Living life

Living life is what happens in the rare moments in which one is present to

Risks or opportunities

Risks can be named and described, consequently, it seems to be easy to prevent them

Saying no

People put a lot of effort into finding a way to express a no. They

Stepping into the journey

As participants embark on a learning journey, they find themselves confronted with many open questions.


When we position ourselves, we allow others to position themselves in relation to us. We’ll

Assisting change

Starting a new project, shifting into a new position, and deciding on a new job


The most difficult person to be aware of is oneself. That is, anytime there is

Your error

Indigenous people carry a spirituality of being human. They have a very practical understanding of

The fullness of things

In the last “The Pause” Krista Tippett shared an excerpt of her conversation with the

It’s a mistake

As teams seek to learn from the errors that occurred during a project, they can