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The whole & its parts

Helping out or stepping in

When a team member needs help, the other team members have several options.

In some teams, a natural reaction is to suggest a solution or move forward with some action.

In other teams, the natural reaction is to check-in and ask if he wants help.

In yet other teams, the natural reaction is to ask that team member a few questions about the challenges he is encountering, before enquiring what could enhance his situation.

The chosen approach will always depend on the context and the situation, thus there will not be any approach that is always the best.

However, it helps to consider the intention that supports an approach.

Sharing advice easily becomes stepping in.

Asking how to help is supportive until it becomes a way to rely on advice.

Inviting someone to describe the situation and share how things could change are, for the team, an invitation to learn where and if there is a need for help. However, for the person herself, the ability to describe the problem often corresponds to opening the door to their solution.


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