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The whole & its parts

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Sharing advice

There are many reasons why people will share advice. The reason they indicate, and whatever

Paying the price

There is the price that is indicated on the label. It’s a price that has

Can you change it?

It’s a simple question: “can you change it?” Simple doesn’t mean easy. The starting point

blue sky with just a few light clouds

Staying right

It’s quite easy to be right. There are enough occasions for it to happen. But

Visible to the eye

Fred Rogers kept a quote in eyesight in his office. It said “L’essentiel est invisible

Where we are in life

For many people, there is a consistent difference between where they want to be and

Sharing responsibility

Teams like to be motivated. It’s a situation in which they know what to do

Strategic choices

Failing is a complex experience. Much of it is how people perceive the context of


One of the descriptions I find most confusing is, when people use the word amazing

Good days

Once you’ve set a goal, how far away into the future does it point? Is