The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Seeking benefits

The upcoming elections in the US have started to focus a lot of the available

Information disappear

Whoever attends a training finds himself having received a lot of knowledge or having experienced

Right and wrong

A standard technique to polarize a conversation is to assume that wrong is the opposite

The stroke economy

People need other people. It is a relational need that presents itself through a search

Missing the signs

People are used to communicating with sounds and words. But it’s not the only way

Winning or not losing

When talking about entrepreneurs’ people will quickly mention that they see them as bold and

Magical moments

Sometimes we get lucky, and a magical moment happens by itself. But most of the

Getting to the point

Rohan once shared a metaphor about parking in perpendicular spots. He described the difference between

Holding on

When people hug one another, they start with an embrace, hold on to one another,