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The whole & its parts

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While there isn’t always a need to have a task to come together, coming together means that people seek to accomplish something together.

The easy approach to it, is that people ask themselves “what am I here for?” and follow that lead. The result most certainly will be, that different people have different wants with all of them doing their best to achieve that. The risk is, that they end up without being aligned and trying to achieve different things.

A more difficult approach is to ask oneself “what are we here for?”

It might not lead to an immediate answer, and the ideas of how to achieve this might still be different, but it opens the door to a common objective. It shifts the focus from the individuals to the group. Knowing the groups’ objectives makes a group out of individuals.

Having fun together and making the world a better place may cover the range of available objectives.

The point is, that both questions are relevant and that the individuals in the group need to ask themselves both questions regularly.

It’s the regularity and the openness to both that enables the group and its members to stay on track.



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