The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Risk and Luck

Asked if he would hire Elon Musk, the late Charlie Munger once said “I haven’t

Rational or Reasonable

Some leaders favor an approach to business decision-making that is based on focusing on being

Seeing progress

The only way to determine progress is to remember where one started. What abilities were

Progress and satisfaction

When teams work together to determine their next steps, they will find often themselves confronted

Seeing benefits

Once a society gets used to its infrastructure it settles in and may not notice

Other people’s dreams

When I look through my social media feed, I’ll find an overwhelming number of ideas

Experience and Discovery

Sometimes words need a definition that enables one to assess their presence in a given

Waking up

School has taught us that we understand by putting effort into learning. Consequently, an idea

Making it work

With enough practice, people can assess a situation and do the one thing that will

When strategies emerge

One approach to having a strategy is to start with knowing what one wants to

When illusions fall apart

Illusions are what people use to feel safe about something they don’t know or don’t

Execution and Result

The execution is the journey. The result is where one arrives. And, depending on how