The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Using data for awareness

It sounds simple, and yet, it is quite complicated. To use data, one needs data.

Getting it backward

Aiming for the outcome tends to leave the path leading there out of the picture.

Models and frameworks

The ambition of a model is to represent reality. In contrast to this, a framework

The essence of intention

In the past, I’ve heard people look down on intentions. But looking back, I think

Digging into the data

Years ago, Google decided to study its working force to determine what success is made

I’m not creative

Clients sometimes come up with an idea of what they are not. For some, when

Contribution and blame

A theme that reappears regularly in my practice is the client’s desire to pinpoint responsibility.

Golf is life

It’s true for many of the activities people take up and can be present to.

Personal development

There are three things we can train: our body, our craft, our mind. For some

Everyday learning

When someone joins a team, it is quite normal that at least one person in