The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Risk and Luck

Asked if he would hire Elon Musk, the late Charlie Munger once said “I haven’t

Strategy and Plan

In a way, there is no difference between a plan and a strategy. And yet

Seeing progress

The only way to determine progress is to remember where one started. What abilities were


In coaching sessions, a client may sometimes share a lack of self-confidence. When they do

Other people’s dreams

When I look through my social media feed, I’ll find an overwhelming number of ideas

Exam or title

This weekend I attended a meeting of Transactional Analysts in Lille. More than 300 of

What’s the question?

Working with a team, our job was to do our best to come to a

Experience and Discovery

Sometimes words need a definition that enables one to assess their presence in a given

Getting to excellence

Excellence is different from perfection. It doesn’t mean flawless either, or without error. Everyone will