The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Frustration is necessary

Change is a constant. Now is always different from before. Sometimes it’s a subtle difference. Sometimes a major difference. Time lived can never be recovered. The experience that it created can’t be changed. Whenever it involves frustration there is a push to choose our response.

The toddler learns to walk falls and experiences frustration that others can do what he can’t. It’s that tension that makes him try again.

When playing golf, no swing is like the other. One moment we might not get the ball off the tee. In the next moment, it can be brilliant. It’s never clear. The high of the ups and the frustration of the downs help to stay humble. The tension between both push to learn and concentrate again.

Frustration is the space where the energy to try again meets the inner critic. It’s a negotiation between the effort to establish security and the quest to create potential. It’s pull and push.

It’s our contribution to change.


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