The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Foundations and processes

Many small organizations will not think much about establishing structures and processes. They assume that,

Giving or wanting

As an individual, it is easy to concentrate on what it is that one wants.

Satisfaction and its opposite

According to the MacMillan dictionary the prefix “dis” is “used with some nouns, verbs, and

Achieving breakthrough

“Achieving breakthroughs is one thing, sustaining them is quite another.” – Fred Shoemaker It seems

Because it is there

Asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, the British explorer George Mallory is said

Suspend business

Taking up a task, it is easy to become so focused on that task, that

A focus on needs

Once there was Napster. It served music lovers at a time when the music industry

Diving into complexity

In the past, I’ve often explained complexity with an image a friend had shared with

Consistency is key

And yet, consistency is also a myth. I strive to write a post every day,

The group’s task

As a member of quite a few groups, I’m regularly wondering about the task the

Rational emotional

One of the most common approaches is to seek to solve the problem that is