The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Staying in shape

People put a lot of energy into staying in shape. It’s easy to find suggestions


Peter F. Drucker once described manners as the lubricating oil of an organization. He completed

From pleasure to pain

Taking the simple route, it seems easy to want pleasure and leave pain aside. But

Embracing uncertainty

It’s easy to suggest embracing uncertainty. But what does it mean? A way to look

Enjoying failure

Working with a coachee I was reminded of how important our beliefs are. For him,

Finding your way

Learning a method is applying what someone else developed. Developing your way on the other

Testing boundaries

While visiting some friends I was observing the way the children interacted with their parents.

Choice as an objective

Jane wanted to involve her team and was searching for the best ways to do

a path in the woods at wintertime

Forget your goal

Something I observed in an organization I once was a member of, was how the