The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Automatic pilot

Who hasn’t found himself going from point A to point B to then wonder what

Getting to doing it

The probably best thing about blogging is, that it means to do the thinking, the

Awareness and spontaneity

Stephen Covey once said: “Our ultimate freedom is a function of our decisions, not our

Tools and their Purpose

A drill is there to drill a hole. But drilling that hole may serve to

From investment to attachment

Whenever people envision a result, they can become attached to achieving it. However, an attachment


Leaders or managers find themselves constantly confronted with riddles. One can also call them conundrums.

Reciprocity and reciprocity

When people talk about reciprocity, they start with tangible or material things. They’ll be talking

What is leadership?

Working with colleagues, we were discussing a dashboard and the different statistics it made accessible.

Why this questions

It is easy to step into a project or to say yes. Stepping out of

Defining expectations

Asking people about their expectations leads to a variety of options that range from no