The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Want or need?

Reading about ways to use one’s money I came across a distinction between wanting and

Primary task

In the context of systems psychodynamics, we’ll often use the concept of the primary task.

Things that exist

A well-known metaphor is the idea that the blue sky is always there. Clouds might

Getting started

There are these moments when a feeling emerges that something isn’t as it should be.

Being of service

At the beginning of the last century, several well-known retailers coined sentences like “the customer

Missed the shot

A lot of golfers are obsessed with their swing. They search for a way to

The use of protocols in teams

Working with Edith, a coachee, we explored how her perception of working for McDonald’s during

It’s them

Joe is a senior executive; he has been in and out of many companies. Exchanging

It’s hard

It’s supposed to be hard. But that’s not a reason to make it hard. It

It’s clear, isn’t it?

To me, the idea that clarity can be reached in an exchange with others is

A sense of possibility

The team wasn’t reacting to the leader’s invitations to contribute. There were hardly any reactions