The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Development doesn’t make it easier

Learning a technique, method or craft eases its usage. As we learn and integrate them, they can become habits. Sometimes the habits become so familiar that we don’t need to remember how we do it. It’s available. Driving the bicycle is such a habit for me. Whenever I go back to driving the bicycle it feels natural.

So we assume, that when we learn tools and techniques for our personal development, things will become easier. Eventually as easy as driving the bicycle.

It’s not the case.

Something familiar or a habit is something we do based on a learned pattern. It becomes instinctive. It often doesn’t require us to continue paying attention to how we do it.

Development is different, it’s a continuous change we do, it’s a continuous transformation. Once we’ve learned or understood something new, we are confronted with being different than before and needing to adapt again. It’s going to the edges with our learning. It’s not about relying on our craft, it’s about staying curious and continuing to find how we can transform our craft.

The more we develop ourselves, the more edges we can explore, the more edges we need to pay attention to.

We realize, that making things easier wasn’t the goal. It’s to stay curious.


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