The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Transforming the past

When decisions are made, people often want them to be the right decision. This desire

Seeking to fix

It might be the Western philosophy. It might be the origin of self-development. And it

Satisfaction and its opposite

According to the MacMillan dictionary the prefix “dis” is “used with some nouns, verbs, and

How to measure well-being

The easy answer is that it can’t be measured and that as an organization one

Diving into complexity

In the past, I’ve often explained complexity with an image a friend had shared with

The roles people play

In a team, people will quickly see themselves as becoming scapegoats or perceive others as

Learning to lead

A very simple question a leader has to ask is “did it work?” Whatever the

The as-always change

In a general fashion, people find it easy to be devoted to becoming better. There

Every day

It will never be enough. No quest to achieve happiness through doing can reach its

Dopamine wants change

Dopamine is released upon receiving what we craved. As part of the human reward system,

Subjective goals

Leading others means developing a view of the tasks the team is performing that has