The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Asking why

Why can be a very difficult question.

One possible challenge is for example, that it can be asked in an endless loop. We thus have to allow for something to be true to be able to come to a conclusion. Think for example how challenging children can be when they answer every bit of information you are providing with an “and why is this?” question.

When we ask ourselves a why question the challenge is different. There we have to be willing to give ourselves a true answer. Not only that. We have to make the effort to give ourselves an answer. Even if we aren’t perfectly sure.

The reason we avoid this question is that we often opt for judgment instead of the uncertain answer.

To learn we need to ask ourselves “why?” anytime we have a result and don’t know how we reached it.

It is by acknowledging the idea we had and seeing beyond the result that we can learn.

By exploring our steps to the results with “why” we learn to understand the steps we’ve taken and the intent we associated.

From there we can leap to “why not?” and explore new paths.




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