The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

It’s changed!

Logging on to my computer has become a new type of experience. When I started using computers the normal procedure was, that I would be installing the programs on it I wanted to have and use. Some of them could even grow old and remained unchanged as long as I didn’t update them.

Along the years we’ve added the online experience where we’d go to a website and could use tools there. Software as a service meant that I would always access an up to date software somewhere on the web.

Slowly but surely things started to change and the concept of software as a service reached my computer. Reopening my laptop is leading to regular surprises. The software installed on my computers changes, often even without me realizing that an update was coming. New features appear, the design changes and I’ve got to adapt.

I’m not sure that I like it.

I had to let go.

It’s actually great learning.

Change is all around us. Day and night or seasons are a constant cycle. They never repeat exactly. Every day is a new experience. Every task we do is a new experience, even if we have been doing it forever.

It might not be comfortable, but it’s helps remembering that we can’t control change.

And. It’s up to us to choose our approach.




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