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The whole & its parts

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Conflict avoidance

There are probably only very few people who don’t want to avoid a conflict. There

Life is short

On Wednesday Henry Kissinger died. He was 100. On Tuesday Charlie Munger died. He was

Progress and satisfaction

When teams work together to determine their next steps, they will find often themselves confronted

Exam or title

This weekend I attended a meeting of Transactional Analysts in Lille. More than 300 of

Getting to excellence

Excellence is different from perfection. It doesn’t mean flawless either, or without error. Everyone will

Colors of loneliness

A blog post by Shau Chung Shin made me aware of a blog parade started

Seeking clarity

It is questionable if clarity can be achieved alone. It depends on what clarity must

Form and Force

When seeking to change an organization, one needs to start observing where it is now.

Problem or solution

While leading a mindfulness workshop I was using a golf metaphor to describe the way

Making it work

With enough practice, people can assess a situation and do the one thing that will

Learning from errors

Everyone makes errors, and everyone can learn from his errors. It’s true. But it doesn’t