The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Do you want it?

It’s a simple question: “Do you want it?”

The answer usually isn’t complicated either. It becomes more complicated to answer it when it has a follow-up question: “Will you do it?”

Deciding what we want requires our wish to deal with the consequences.

The starting point always is an opportunity or a desire we have.

It becomes a challenge the moment in which we start to see beyond the opportunity. Rare are the opportunities which allow us to continue doing what we are doing.

It’s an alternative between something new and something existent and it requires us to make a choice.

But choices come along with uncertainty. It is an uncertainty that goes way beyond the fear of making the wrong choice. It’s a fear of the consequences of that choice. The list of possible fears is endless and very individual. One person might fear success, another person might fear failure, yet another person might fear the exposure that can come out of making that choice.

In such situations, we revert to our habits, most often an unconscious habit that protects us from feeling that fear. Reverting to protection isn’t necessarily comfortable. It is a habit, something we’ve become used to do as it seemed to help us in the past. The story we tell ourselves is, that it’s better than the fear.

And thus we’ve transformed our desire.

If we let the fear decide for us, we’ve given up the desire. Or transformed it to a “one-day-maybe-hope”.

Letting ourselves see that fear, grounding it in reality transforms our desire into a choice. This dragging hope to avoid that fear disappears together with the need to be recomforted.

The choice creates clarity and liberates energy to act according to it. Implementing the choice builds confidence.


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