The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Your ideas

There is a vast difference between doing something because everyone does it and doing something because it is something you want to do.

Whenever both align, enjoy the ride in the company of others who know what you are talking about.

If they don’t align, be ready to be standing there on your own and finding it difficult to share your ideas with people who understand what you are talking about.

There is no special benefit in either of these situations. Both are just as valuable an approach as the other. It is the experience that will vary.

If your ideas align with everyone else, pay attention to your objective. It still needs to be your own not somebody else’s. But you’ll be able to watch others and follow in their footsteps.

In the latter case, being on your own, there can easily be a challenge to stick to your ideas instead of being pulled into what everyone else does. It is a journey where you’ll constantly have to define what you do and find ways to develop your clarity, without finding a template telling you what to do and when. It takes time until this journey becomes attractive.

The point here is, that life is a mix of both. That can make things confusing. On one path shortcuts can be found on the other they need to be avoided. And yet, to make it one’s project always entails giving one’s own meaning to it. Otherwise, it was someone else’s project.



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