The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Willingness to hold others accountable

It is a willingness that should not be confused with controlling others.

Holding someone accountable is there to show others that we are interested in their work and their results.

It is also there to show that we are willing to listen to the challenges they are trying to overcome. It is taking the time to listen to the other. It may involve looking at shared resources and seeing if they can be made available and would help.

It is not there to solve their problems and even less to do their work.

But it is there to name the boundaries of the work to be done and expected. Which involves describing the boundaries one is holding.

It is holding up the mirror of what is happening and what isn’t happening.

It works well when it is experienced as a generosity one is grateful for and when holding that person accountable is a gratifying task.

Not always in the moment, but regularly enough.



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