The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Where attention resides

The preoccupation with
The foreground, the sights,
The smells,
The sounds,
Takes the attention away from
The background.
Yet, it is in this very background that
The Mystery resides.
Wu Hsin


The thing is, sometimes it is more important to enjoy the visible beauty, to pay attention to the problem that appears.

It may also be necessary to see what is visible to gain an understanding of the mystery in the background.

And sometimes it is the other way around.

Would we verify all of our habits and learnings all the time, they would lose their usefulness. Simply sticking to them, doesn’t do us a good service either as they may have lost their meaning a long time ago.

What is a right answer now, might not be the right answer tomorrow.

That’s where attention may be most useful.


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