The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Assisting the process

There is a saying in Africa, that the grass doesn’t grow faster if you pull it.

This is also the case for anything that needs to be processed. One cannot hasten the process.

However, what can happen, is that the process is either interrupted or denied.

Grief, for example, is a process that will often be overlooked. Grief always occurs when something is lost, it can be an object, a position, a relationship, a habit, or whatever and whoever one is attached to.

Learning can also be a process that is underestimated. Some will assume that it is done by having learned the material once, others will try it a few times and then let it sit assuming that they know enough.

A reason process is often overlooked it, that it doesn’t seem to achieve anything.

But that’s why it’s a process. The result is the outcome of the process. An outcome we often will not make ourselves aware of.

Processing grief allows to let go of what has been while transforming it into something we carry forward.

Learning is a process from amateurship to expertise and professionalism.

Assisting the process transforms the outcome.

Forgetting the process is like forgetting to water the grass and hoping for the rain to be sufficient when there is none.


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