The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

What others do or say

It is easier to hope and expect other people will do what we think should be the right thing to do. And when they don’t, the natural reaction is to become angry, frustrated, or sad that they don’t do it.

It also is the moment where people start to demand that others change and provide all kinds of ideas and advice as to how they could do it. Whenever it happens in teams, one may notice that team members start to discuss other team member’s attitude. Or that leaders find themselves micromanaging how team members do their work or giving them indications of the training they should attend.

The hard work leaders have in this situation, is to figure out, if there is truth to it.

In most cases, they’ll find that looking at what others do or say had been more convenient than doubting oneself. And, that paying attention to what others do and say provides a distraction from one’s own fears and questions.




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