The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Connecting with intuition

When confronted with hard decisions, it can be easy to try to avoid making that

The contact dance

As much as people may appreciate connecting with others, they also like others to stay

Questions without answers

When people ask questions there are quite a few reactions possible. When the question is

Emotions as a lens

When thinking about emotions, people will often focus on those emotions that had a high

Beginnings and Endings

Humans are used to things having a beginning and an end. However, they may not

The benefit of references

A reference is something people know and will refer to whenever they learn something new.

Giving freely

A management style I’ve seen a lot of leaders take up is one they’ll describe

Focused on the destination

In a recent conversation, James described his business. It was working well, but he wasn’t

Immediate solutions desired

Sometimes people find themselves stuck in a situation without any view on how to solve

Universal stories

What makes a hero’s journey so powerful is that it is made of life stories

Solving the problem

Which problem are you trying to solve? The problem that exists in a given situation