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The whole & its parts

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Subjective goals

Leading others means developing a view of the tasks the team is performing that has

Embracing uncertainty

It’s easy to suggest embracing uncertainty. But what does it mean? A way to look

a stranded boat


An important reminder about beginnings is, that it is a beginning. It isn’t the end.

The sense of safety

Humans have a deep need for safety. With most immanent dangers for life having disappeared,

Be prepared

When I was leading presentation training, they included a sequence with spontaneous presentations. The idea

This is so important

And yet, as John Maxwell once said: “you cannot overestimate the unimportance of practically everything.”

Resistance is a data point

Well, yes, naturally, there is more to resistance than being a data point. And yet,

Being prepared

Life comes up with the strangest things. And right now there are many of those

Seeing an alternative

Reactions are, most often, limited by what people are reacting to. If someone decides to

Quiet confidence

The evening of December 2nd saw the end of the era of Chancellor Angela Merkel,

The necessary tension

The idea of a “necessary tension” was once described by a Polish rabbi in the