The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Want or need?

Reading about ways to use one’s money I came across a distinction between wanting and

Reaching consensus

It was one of these teams leading an association that saw their engagement as a

Good decisions

A useful way to look at decisions is to assume that when they’ve been made,


Lately, I decided to let go of a deadline. I had been working on a

Rational or Reasonable

Some leaders favor an approach to business decision-making that is based on focusing on being

The desire for a why

Sometimes, people search for a why. A simple way to look at it is to

Messy objectives

One of the teachings most of us have heard is that goals should be SMART.

The first move

In a situation in which two are waiting for who will do the first move,

Defining expectations

Asking people about their expectations leads to a variety of options that range from no

Counterintuitive decisions

When someone finds himself under pressure, and that may be for whatever reason, it reduces


During the last months, I’ve regularly heard leaders share situations they experienced and found themselves