The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Waiting for an answer

Many questions don’t have an answer. And others may not be receiving an answer.

Sometimes it is because people hesitate to answer, forget to answer, fear that their answer might not be appreciated, are busy with other things, etc.

The starting point here is to assume positive intent.

This might sometimes be easier said than done. But maybe it’s sufficient to see it as the approach that provides the most well-being and allows best for constructive exchanges.

Positive intent, naturally, is independent of the content of the answer itself, it is how one steps into the relationship.

Allow for anyone who has positive intent, to be unable or unwilling to answer in the way you’d like them to react. They have a different perspective on your question then you have.

Also, remember that everyone has the right to want what they want. But no one has the right to expect to receive what they want.

This is also true for receiving an answer. Receiving what one wants is the result of successful negotiation and a trusting relationship.

It has nothing to do with taking what one wants.



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