The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Category: Relationship

Want or need?

Reading about ways to use one’s money I came across a distinction between wanting and

There is a reason

A question teams will frequently ask is how to align a purpose with the objective

People are good

In transactional analysis, we use the notion of an ok-ok relationship. The idea is to


There is a lot of value in introspection. It allows us, for example, to reflect

Risk or Recognition

Most people like feeling useful. And when they are, they appreciate being seen as such.

Doing it right

When a political party wins an election the first assumption is that those who gained

Detecting lies

Recently I received an invitation to a training suggesting that I should learn to detect

On transactions

The idea that something is transactional is not always appreciated, but it can be considered

He is lying

Sometimes it is quite simple to know if someone is telling a lie. There is