The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Category: Relationship

Blame something

Listening to a golfer you’ll possibly hear them complain about the weather, the speed of

Busy with oneself

A friend once shared with me that I needed to develop the ability to capture

Having what one wants

While growing up children learn wise ideas from others. And when they adhere to these

The right to decide

Everyone has the right to decide what is right for him or her. However, as

Never miss a meeting

Time is one of the most precious resources one has. It cannot be saved and

Checking in with experience

It’s foolish to assume that the experience someone shares is equivalent to feedback. It’s just

Impossible demands

In Germany, a group calling themselves ‘Letze Generation’ (last generation) used the tactic of gluing

Question oneself

Some see it as a way to doubt oneself. They may even take pride in

Social virtue

According to Protagoras, it was Zeus who decided to distribute justice and shame among human

Helping one another

One of the ways to look at diversity is to see it as a gift

Coaching and teaching

Independently from one’s definition of coaching, an interesting question relates to the presence of teaching

Disciplined learning

Change happens by itself. Implementing change is different. It requires knowing what change one seeks