The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

A turning point

Looking back, we can see how history is a regular flow. When zooming in into an event we can see its details and complexity. Zooming out, we can see how it is an event in time changing a situation for the better or the worse.

The perception of an event when experiencing it never allows the bigger picture. Even to be able to see the event in a context we have to train our ability to take a step back. It’s not yet the bigger picture.

People experience this all the time. Our perception of an event can transform itself over time. Even the most frustrating events, can transform themselves into “happy accidents”. We don’t want to live them again, but we know that they transformed us for the better.

The COVID-19 crisis will not transform itself into such a “happy accident”.

It is, like other crises, the occurrence of a change.

The Webster’s Dictionary describes a crisis as an “unstable or crucial time in which a decisive change is impending” and as “the turning point for better or worse in an acute disease or fever”.

As for every turning point, we can ask ourselves into what direction we want to turn.

It’s by finding how they can ride the wave of change with generosity that people will be able to turn it into an opportunity.

The more people succeed to ride that wave, the better for all.


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